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As more KOVE products are sold all over the world, industry experts are constantly giving feedback on these bikes with regards to quality, performance, reliability, ergonomics, etc

Here you can watch & read the latest tests, articles & reviews of KOVE bikes...

Check out this review of the KOVE 450 Rally by Southwest Trails and Wheels

Interested in the KOVE 450 Rally? - Check out this interesting Qus & Ans session by Dirtbike Test (DBT)

The experts at Dirtbike Test (DBT) take the KOVE 450 Rally through its paces - See what they had to say

Dirt Rider had an opportunity to test the KOVE 450 Rally and then put together a write up about it - read it here

Kove 450 Rally desert roost.jpg

Cycle World managed to test the KOVE 450 and give a first ride review - read what they had to say here

Kove 450 Rally in the hills.jpg
Offroad underground 450 Rally.jpg

Offroad Underground tested the KOVE 450 Rally in some stunning scenery in the US - read about it here

kove 450 Rally dust.jpg

ADV Pulse took the KOVE 450 Rally for a comprehensive test ride and wrote a detailed article about it - read it here

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