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KOVE 250 Enduro



KOVE 250 Enduro

The 250 Enduro is a brand new model from KOVE and ticks many boxes...
Besides racing in enduro events this bike can also be used for light adventure, getting around farms/outdoor facilities, day rides and even for commuting when necessary.

The KOVE 250 Enduro is a product of the company's rich experience in off-road competitions.

With a curb weight of only 108Kgs and 35Hp at the rear wheel, this bike is right up there in terms of performance.

If the KOVE 450 Rally seems too big or if you're just getting into off-road riding then the KOVE 250 Enduro is the perfect package for you as its affordable, reliable and delivers the same if not better performance than the other well known but much more expensive brands on the market.

Check out the full specs below:

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