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KOVE 450 Rally



KOVE 450 Rally

The KOVE 450 Rally is the motorcycle most adventure and dual-sport riders have been waiting for...
A lightweight bike with a large fuel capacity, front fairing & TFT screen and proven off-road capability & reliability

Experience the ultimate ride with the KOVE 450 Rally. 

Designed to excel in the toughest of conditions, three of these bikes successfully completed the Dakar 2023 rally and have also participated in subsequent rallies and done very well.

With features such as a 30L fuel capacity, front fairing with TFT screen, a reliable fuel injected engine with over 50HP and fully adjustable suspension, the KOVE 450 Rally fills a long existing gap in the market; a reliable & capable lightweight rally bike that can be used for dual-sporting and adventure riding.

The KOVE 450 Rally is already available in UK, Europe and the US and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from various well known industry experts.  Watch and read some of these here... 

Bikes with similar specifications and features from the mainstream brands do exist but are very expensive and also almost impossible to actually purchase due to very limited availability.  

KOVE 450 Rally doing a wheelie

Enter the KOVE 450 Rally...a quality product, tried and tested in the most grueling rally on earth and available now at a much more affordable price.  

This bike is comfortable to ride on the road and comes alive when you hit the dirt, making it the perfect machine for exploring all the amazing tracks and areas with stunning scenery and landscapes that we are lucky to have in Kenya.

The 450 Rally is available in a high and low version - so you can choose which would prefer according to your height, the type of riding you plan do and your riding style.
Check out the full specs below:

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