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KOVE 500X Adventure




The KOVE 500X Adventure is the best choice for those riders who are looking for mid-size bike that is capable of doing both on and off-road.
Commute during the week and then hit the trails for some adventure and fun on the weekend!

The KOVE 500X Adventure is a mid-range adventure motorcycle and is perfect for both on and off-road conditions.

With a relatively low weight of 178Kgs, long shock travel & high ground clearance, this bike can be ridden for long periods of time with maximum comfort.

Powered by a liquid cooled twin 498cc engine, the 500X has a respectable 47Hp allowing for a top speed of 170Km/h.

One can choose to add panniers and/or a rear fender top box to the 500X, making it perfect for commuting during the week and getting some adventure on the weekend.

Check out the full specs below:

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