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450 Rally in Dakar 2023


KOVE Dakar 2023 team

Since 2023 the KOVE 450 Rally has been available on the market and has taken the world by storm...check out some of the reviews by independent industry experts here to see how positively this bike has been received in the USA & Europe


About KOVE & GPE

About KOVE & GPE

Ganatra Plant & Equipment Ltd is honored and proud to announce its partnership with KOVE MOTO, a leading name in the motorcycle industry and is excited to bring KOVE's quality bikes to the Kenyan market.  The company's directors have been involved in the motorsport scene for many years as participants as well as sponsors in events such as WRC Safari Rally, Rally Raid and Autocross.  They are also passionate about motorcycles and have been doing a lot of adventure and dual-sport type riding for many years.

Founded in 2017, KOVE MOTO seamlessly combines motorcycle research and development, design, manufacturing, production, and global sales. The brand is built on a relentless dedication to performance. KOVE's corporate mission is clear: to offer world-class, high-performance, and high-quality sports motorcycles with substantial engine displacement to motorcycle enthusiasts and riders worldwide. Welcome to the world of KOVE MOTO.

KOVE 450 Rally in Dakar 2023



KOVE MOTO boasts an impressive track record of market excellence, underscored by remarkable sales achievements. In 2021 alone, sales exceeded 20,000 units, showcasing an annual average growth rate of 40%. As the global market continues to expand, KOVE exported over 5,000 units, which found their homes in Spain under the name MACBOR MOTANA XR5, and in the Czech Republic as the JAWA RVM 500. KOVE MOTO is committed to achieving global excellence.

KOVE 800X Super Adventure on the road

KOVE has solidified its position as the fourth-largest domestic brand in China's motorcycle industry, particularly in the sales of models exceeding 300cc. The 500X ADV proudly leads the domestic adventure (ADV) motorcycle production segment. Operating from two state-of-the-art factories in Chongqing and Chengdu, KOVE is unwavering in it's commitment to cutting-edge product design and development, bolstered by a dedicated team of nearly 113 experts.

Quality reigns supreme in the company's approach, as it meticulously adheres to the IAFT16949 quality system. KOVE's comprehensive infrastructure includes assembly lines, specialized department assembly facilities, an engine division, frame manufacturing, silencer production, CNC parts machining centers, complete vehicle bench test setups, engine bench test facilities, and a 3D inspection instrument. KOVE sets the standard for excellence in the motorcycle industry.

KOVE 250 Enduro in forest

As a technology-driven motorcycle brand, KOVE MOTO is poised for an innovative future. The company remains steadfast in it's commitment to research, development, and design, consistently attracting top talents and acquiring cutting-edge hardware facilities within the industry. KOVE's relentless pursuit of excellence extends to the continual investment in new technologies and standards for their products, further fortifying it's reputation as a professional and high-performance leader in the motorcycle industry. At KOVE MOTO, the road to innovation never ends.

Ganatra Plant & Equipment Ltd is well-known in E. Africa being the sole authorised dealer for JCB Construction & Agricultural equipment and GODREJ Material Handling equipment in Kenya & Uganda, with an emphasis on excellent customer care and after-sales service. The same level of customer care will be extended to all KOVE products, ensuring that all the bikes operate efficiently and effectively for clients.

Ganatra Plant & Equipment Ltd headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya
Amaan Ganatra - GPE JCB Racing team

Overall, Ganatra is committed to providing its clients with quality products and services, and the partnership with KOVE MOTO is another step towards fulfilling that commitment.

The team at Ganatra Plant & Equipment Ltd is excited to bring KOVE MOTO's innovative and affordable motorcycles to the East African market and is dedicated to ensuring clients receive the best possible service.

For all your Construction & Agricultural equipment needs pls visit the Ganatra JCB website
here and for any Material Handling equipment needs pls visit the Ganatra GODREJ website here.


Parts & Service Backup

At Ganatra Plant Equipment Ltd we believe that after sales service is critical for the success and longevity of any product or business in any market.

Accordingly we are committed to keep all the necessary parts which may be required for all the different KOVE motorcycles which we are offering.

KOVE Kenya parts back up
KOVE Kenya service back up

And so besides the normal service and wear parts, we also stock other types of parts in our inventory including suspension, engine, electrical, body, brakes, drive, etc.

We also have trained technicians and all the necessary tools and equipment to effectively service and/or repair any KOVE bike sold.

With a manufacturer's warranty* and full back up from the factory and our parts & service back up, any future owner of a KOVE motorcycle can rest assured that the bike will always be taken care of by us and ready for whatever adventures you plan to take it on.
(* - subject to terms & conditions)


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Tel: 0720651330


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